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S04 – Sterling AT 9513 113″ BBC Hood Shell 2001 – 2006

S04 - Sterling AT 9513 113" BBC Hood Shell 2001 - 2006

Sterling AT 9513 113" BBC Hood 2001 - 2006

OEM Number:

  • A17-13222-001, A17-13234-010
  • A17-13232-004 requires modifications see below


  • Cofab reinforcement used in high stress areas
  • Coremat added to suppress starbursts in high stress areas
  • E-coated or galvanized steel hardware used to resist corrosion
  • Holes pre-drilled for mounting and accessories
  • White sandable gel coat finish
  • Hap 2001 Certified to fit
  • Includes wire harness clips, inner fender & headlight u nuts
  • Elastomeric urethane adhesive used in assembly of inner structure


  • Accepts all grill configurations, plastic or chrome
  • Will retrofit 1997-2000 with updated grill parts
  • Specify headlight bezel when ordering (thin all around headlight or solid between grill and headlight)
  • Remove shipping bar prior to mounting
  • A17-13232-004 must use aero headlights, drill for old style LT grill and move lower bar
  • ***Converting sealed beam headlights (LT) to composite (AT) require 1 adapter plug #416-400005B per headlight (not included)***

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